The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences was founded in July 2000. NUCES FAST has almost 5 campuses through the Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. Fast is a well known institute in IT sector because of it's quality and skilled software engineers. Fast is a private university with alot of restrictions & famous for it's BS Software engineering & BS Computer Sciences programs.


Course Credits Grade


Like many other universities NUCES FAST has absolute grading sytem. It is really hard to get a good GPA in NUCES FAST because of their strict paper checking policy. Major subjects are of 4 to 5 credit hours which directly afftect the GPA if you get lower marks in these subjects. So, it is important to get good grades in these subjects to maintain a good GPA in NUCES FASt.

Why Fast?

If you are willing to take admission for any IT related program in a private university then NUCES is the best option. Their semester fee is bit high as compared to the other private unversities but you can get a scholoarship easily if you are eligible for it.