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How to calculate NUST CGPA

It is difficult to maintain a good GPA at NUST. Most of the students gets depressed due to this reason. Calculation of CGPA at NUST is so simple. Just add up your all semesters GPAs and then divide them with the total number of semesters. If you don't wanna calculate NUST CGPA manually then visit our home Page, There is the CGPA calculator at our home page, just visit our home page and calculate your CGPA.
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About NUST

NUST holds the impressive position of #334 in global university rankings, making it a prominent institution on the international stage. At the national level, NUST proudly claims the coveted top position in Pakistan's educational landscape. With a diverse range of 141 academic programs, NUST is known for providing high-quality education across various fields, particularly excelling in areas such as Information Technology (IT) and Engineering.